Man in mid twenties discovers value of reading

I was a bit late to the party in picking up reading as a hobby. I always found it difficult to sit down and concentrate with a book or could't find books that I was interested in. I tended to find myself doing the now classic 'wasting time on social media' thing instead so I decided to try and change that.

Throwing something together quickly

Built using Next.js 11, React, Typescript and that the usual tools. Styled Components was used for the styling, the books are stored in a json file. Images are downloaded from the web and saved locally, should definetly look to optimise this in the future.

Realising the books have a theme

I started off by reading a few books that I had heard about on podcasts or from friends. I then started to notice that a lot of the books I was reading were about mostly the same topics so I took it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge in different areas and check out books I wouldn't have normally read.