Building a website for Cardiff's social networkers.

On behalf of

  • Bluegg


  • React.js
  • Gatsby

Fiftyone3 started with a vision to make networking events more enjoyable. They wanted their guests to feel relaxed and happy to chat when attending their events.

The first of many Gatsby websites

Having used React.js for a few personal projects and completed an online video course on the subject, I felt ready to use my newly learnt skills on a client project. The website's scale was small and only needed a single page. This felt like an ideal time to use the go-to React static site generator.


As easy as buying a ticket

Using the Eventbrite API to display the next upcoming event was straight forward, using a plugin to query the data, save it locally to the project and then output it on the page. The same logic was applied when accessing the events Instagram page.

Fiftyone3's Instagram posts are fairly frquent and I needed to make sure all posts were shown on the page as soon as they were posted, so using Webhooks I set up an applet that triggered a build everytime Fiftyone3 posted a photo to Instagram.