A website for a stylish hotel, vineyard and restaurant in the heart of the Welsh countryside.

On behalf of

  • Bluegg


  • Craft CMS
  • Twig
  • React.js

Llanerch is a stylish farmhouse in the Welsh countryside with rooms, restaurant, cookery school, and vineyard. Following a brand new suite of hotel rooms being built and a brand refresh (done by Bluegg) they felt their website didn't reflect their current offerings and needed to be updated.

A library of reusable components

To make it easy for the team at Llanerch to build rich, visual pages that deliver clear content and show off their stunning imagery, a set of modular componenets were designed and developed. Using twig to create the components, they take in parameters that modify the content and visuals of each component.


venueCost * guests = wedding

The client wanted customers to be able to get an estimate for their special day at Llanerch by using a wedding calculator.

The wedding data is input via the CMS and then a plugin creates an API endpoint that is passed in via props. The calculator allows the user to choose when they want their wedding and then their choices are rendered below.

View the calculator here: https://llanerch.co.uk/wedding-calculator