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A campaign website to educate South Wales about facial recognition.

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Automated Facial Recognition is software that can automatically detect faces in an image or video and compare it with a database of facial images. South Wales Police wanted to educate the public on this new technology.

What was needed

Following the design of the website from Bluegg, I was tasked with developing this campaign website. The website required a CMS because the client needed to be able to add 'deployments' to the website to show the public when and where they'd be deploying this new technology.

The homepage shows the data in an easy to read format and allows the users to download deployment documents for use in publications and studies if required. The website was bi-lingual and all the components had to be flexible in order to fit different amounts of copy, as the Welsh langauge (of which I am a fluent speaker) is notorious for having longer words when compared to English.

South Wales Police
South Wales Police

The double sticky nav

Traditionally sticky navigations stick to the top of the device window (however this isn't always the case) and the navigation bar follows the user down the website as they browse the page, however in the case of this project it was slightly different.

When the secondary navigation comes into contact with the primary navigation, a secondary navigation that contains links that once clicked, scrolls the user to relevant content sections for the page they're on, needs to stick below the primary navigation whilst the user scrolls down the page.

I wrote a blog about this problem and how I solved it and go into detail about solving it. Check it out here: